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ESPECTRO LTD. technical capacity includes the whole project cycle for a product or equipment. The company has all the knowledge required for develop schematics, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing supervision, purchase of materials, development of functions for programmable logical devices in VHDL and Verilog, hardware and firmware integration, troubleshooting and bug fixes, development of embedded software for microcontrollers and development of visual applications in Windows®, Linux, Android and iOS®.



Concerning to hardware development, ESPECTRO LTD. works with cutting-edge CAE softwares, enabling PCB oriented to EMI/EMC, high-speed interconexion and high-density population, including development of PCB with components as complex and fine-pitch BGA, tracks length equalization and controlled impedance.



In the field of programmable logic devices, ESPECTRO LTD. capacity ranges by all device families from Xilinx® and Intel®. Examples of applications developed by ESPECTRO LTD. includes fiber optic communications, wireless communications, security, digital signal processing and aerospacial market.



ESPECTRO LTD. expertize in software development allows creation of embbeded applications for microcontrollers of different brands, with codes in assembly for speed and space optimization if required, or in codes written in C and C++. The company domains the resources needed to create high-level graphic interfaces with C# in Microsoft® .NET® for operation in Windows® , allowing the development of user-friendly equipment interfaces, data and files manipulation and graphic generation. With  ESPECTRO LTD. expertize in software and firmware development it is possible to create applications for interfacing devices using Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth communication. 


Test and Measurement

ESPECTRO LTD. offers a wide range of high-performance and low-cost test and measurement equipments devoted to telecommunications infraestructure and wireless market. The family SLP Portable Analyzers linecard provides solutions for test and measurement for PDH (E1, E3, DS3), SDH (STM-1, STM-4, STM-16), OTN (OTU-1) and Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T/X), with copper and fiber optic interfaces. SLP Portable Analyzers from ESPECTRO LTD. can operate standalone or connected via USB interface with a desktop or notebook for advanced configuration and analysis through user-friendly grafical interfaces.


Microwave, RF Design and Measurement Analysis

ESPECTRO LTD. has excellence in the custom researchand flexible design of microwave antennas and associated components. Together with microstrip or stripline technology, ESPECTRO LTD. develops wrap around, flush mounted and conformal antennas, considering house influence. The designs can be simulated, analyzed and measured, shortening the development time. Complementarily, performs the monitoring and analyses of EMC tests, microwave components and antenna characterization in the installations of customer, partner or accredited test laboratories.





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